Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!

I had a revelation…..I am a procrastinator!  I was sitting on the couch after dinner one night, the sink was full of dishes and frustrated because I couldn’t get my kids to go to bed.  Then it occurred to me that it wasn’t my sinks fault or even my children at that point….it was me.  And boy was I alarmed.  So I began by making a list of everything that I thought I needed and I noticed something interesting.  I was frustrated by not having enough!  Enough Time, enough money, enough energy and the list goes on.

So I created a plan.  In knew that I couldn’t fix everything in just one night so I took my list and divided it!  I put the stuff that needed to be done daily in one spot, weekly in another and the stuff that needs to get done but has just been pushed to the back burner….that went into the last list.  I also had a revelation that I am NOT a morning person.  As much as I try to be a Proverbs 31 Woman, the part where I am supposed to rise before the rest of my family, yes, I am still working on that one!  But I could stay up an extra 15 min or 30, whatever it took to do a couple of things that would help create harmony in the morning.  So here are some tips that I came up with:

Clean up!  Take a few minutes to pick up thing that just needed to be in their “home”!  Remember, everything in your home…needs a home! 

Do the dishes!  I have recorded a few times that I had a sink full of dishes and it really only takes 10 minutes to unload and load and wash the dishes!  I also feel so much better with a clean sink!  When I stayed on top of them….they weren’t so bad!

Pick out clothes!  I have tried to get my kiddos to pick out their clothes before bed, but I never realized how easy it was for me to do.  I found that it actually saved time and frustration if I decided what to wear the night before.

Finally, Plan!  I set aside a few minutes a night to check my calendar and plan what is happening the next day and plan accordingly.  Fail to plan, plan to fail!

I got really frustrated when I was late to places so I decided, for just one week, to get up 15 minutes earlier.  I found that 15 min to be bliss!  I wasn’t late once and the feeling of accomplishment was a feeling that I hadn’t felt in some time!  My children even noticed that I was a much nicer mommy!

I will do the weekly schedule and the monthly schedule in the next post!


Blog Kick off!

Okay I am finally to a point where we can get this blog kicked off!  Hopefully with a bang and not a bust!  Please, if you have any questions….let me know.  Also if there are any topics you would like to hear about, also let me know!  I am going to try to keep it mixed up so we get a variety of topics covered.  Hopefully we can get some good giveaways going soon too!  Here is to an awesome blog!!